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"Good News Radio"
KMDY : 90.9-FM  Keokuk & 89.7 FM Quincy

History of KMDY Radio

     KMDY 90.9-FM was originally owned and operated by the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago and served Keokuk, Iowa, with a low power signal for many years.  In 2005, Cornerstone Community Radio, Inc. acquired KMDY from Moody Bible, constructed a new broadcast tower, increased the transmitter power from 30 watts to 7,700 watts, and purchased a Studio building in Carthage, Illinois. 
     Since 2005, the operation of KMDY is under the direction of Cornerstone Community Radio ("Cornerstone").  Cornerstone has been a Primary Affiliate of the Moody Broadcasting Network for over 25 years.  In addition to KMDY, Cornerstone operates  Moody Affiliate radio stations and translators in Springfield, Decatur, Jacksonville, Beardstown, Bloomington, Lincoln, Petersburg, and White Hall, Illinois.

     The directors of Cornerstone believe that God led them to expand the radio ministry to Western Illinois, Southeastern Iowa, and  Northeast Missouri, through KMDY Radio.  Cornerstone's goal is to share God's wonderful Good News via quality programming provided by the Moody and other leading ministries:  programming designed to encourage, inspire, teach the Bible, evangelize its listeners, and bring honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!   What makes the programming of 'Good News Radio' unique are the Live call-in talk programs and the wide variety of Bible teaching programs that feature many of America's leading Bible teachers.

    In July of 2009, KMDY placed an FM Translator on the air in Quincy bringing "Good News Radio" to that area.  The Quincy station can be heard at 89.7-FM.